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We understand that storing your stock and assets at an event venue is a priority.

We offer a variety of security safes for short-term hire, up to and including Eurograde 4.  Fully serviced, with different storage volumes, keyed and digital locks we have a hire safe to suit your needs.

Complying with the terms of your insurance is important and we are happy to work with you to ascertain the cash rating (the amount of cash you need to store) and/or the valuables rating (the value of items you need to store) to determine the type of safe you need.  We have data sheets available for each safe to forward to insurers for approval.

Our hire charge includes delivery and installation.  Our team will conduct a thorough risk assessment before installation to ensure that they have the necessary equipment to install the safe.  Consideration is given to any restrictions presented at the venue (stepped access, weight limits on floors, etc.) whilst ensuring the safe is placed in the most secure location.

Enquire now to find out more about short-term safe hire for an event or venue.

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