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The objective of a Close Protection Officer is to establish and maintain a safe environment in which the assigned principal can work and live. The principle may be an individual, family or organisation threatened by assault, kidnapping, stalking, loss of confidential information or terrorist attacks for example.  The role of the CPO is to continually assess and minimise the risk to the principle.


Our operatives are frequently engaged at autograph signing events, diplomatic visits, and public events where high-profile guests are in attendance.  Our clients can continue with their work knowing that our personnel are at hand to deal with any situation that may arise.


Often from a military background, with skills over and above the required Level 3 course in Close Protection Operations our CPOs are trained to the highest standards which include, but are not limited to the following skills;


  • Protective Escort Formation

  • Protective Driving

  • Close Quarter Conflict (armed & unarmed)

  • Improvised Explosive Devices (search & recognition)

  • Electronic Counter Surveillance & Communication

  • Advanced First Aid

  • Risk Assessment


Our Close Protection operatives work across the UK and Europe.  Teams can consist of one or two operatives working with a principle, visiting the sights of London.  Or teams of over 20, working with VIPs across vast exhibition spaces.  Our intimate understanding of the processes involved with managing an event, gives us the edge in our Close Protection operations.


Whether you are a venue, an event organiser, or an individual, we will work with you to provide the bespoke service you require. 


Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

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