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Confidential material

Do you dispose of your data records separately from your general waste? Identity theft through fraud costs the UK around 1.7bn every year.  Much of this fraud is committed within the business world due to a relaxed attitude towards the disposal of confidential documentation.

Are you aware of the responsibilities you have as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998? Of the requirement to dispose of all information in a responsible manner to prevent fraudulent use of confidential data

Small businesses are most at risk and are the least likely to comply with the current legislation.

What is confidential data? Examples would be: Bank Statements, Audit reports, Quotations, Confidential Letters, Financial records, Medical Records, Payroll Information, Signatures and Telephone Numbers.



Using our Security vetted personnel Protegimus Security Ltd will collect and destroy confidential material.

We can supply sacks for the collection of your waste (25kg max weight).

Our sacks are secured prior to removal from you premises and are tagged for tracking throughout the process.

We hold the relevant Environmental Permits and Waste Carriers Licence.  We are also registered with the Information Commissioners Office to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Disposal made convenient from as little as £6.50 +VAT per 25kg sack.



All material collected is shredded within 24 hours of collection.

Certificate of Destruction provided for each consignment to complete your audit trail and to comply with your Duty of Care.

Destroyed material recycled locally to minimise the impact on the environment.


Flexibility of Service

Weekly or Monthly collections.

Price reduction for volume clients.

Collections arranged on days and at times best suited to your business needs.

One-Off archive clearance service available.

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